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Why do Pugs lick?

Pugs will lick a lot, it’s a way in which they overcome various feelings to calm themselves down. If this is something you are not looking for in a dog as a pet, the Pug is not for you. Pugs can go on a licking rampage which can drive you crazy, they’ll lick everything and anything that they can get their tongue near.  You need to find out what they are trying to tell us when they are licking, they usually are. But why do Pugs lick?

Dog don’t usually lick themselves to clean in the same way cats do, you should observe what your Pug is licking as they are usually trying to indicate something. Lots of licking constantly can indicate that your Pug is anxious, nervous or simply needs to go to the bathroom. You should pay attention to what they are licking and how they look, you will begin to notice patterns in behaviour. By doing this you can begin read your Pugs body language.

Pugs lick the air a lot, some call it a Pug thing. There most common reason for it is that your Pug is actually licking their nose, simply removing any nasal discharge. There are other reasons which include compulsive behaviour, Neurologic behaviour or simply attention seeking.

Stopping the licking

If you want to stop the licking because you don’t like it, you can but you do need to know exactly what your Pug is trying to tell you when your Pug is licking something. The only way you can do this is if you spend a lot of time with your Pug and pay attention to them.

You can use a variety of methods to train your Pug not to lick, this is best done by teaching them a command such as “Stop Licking!”. You can also stop giving your Pug affection for a short period of time, then reward good behaviour. You should then consider combining the two practises and reward your Pug once the “Stop Licking!” command is understood.