Why Kong Toys Are the Best Toys For Pugs

Kong Toys are among the best toys for pugs. They serve multiple functions, a fantastic chew toy and a treat dispenser. Kong toys can be used to help train your dog and help them get over their negative canine behaviour, which as we all know is mainly caused by stress and boredom. Kong toys are the perfect solution to keeping your dog entertained for long periods of time.

Read on to learn more about Kong toys.

Types of Kong toys for dogs

  • Kong AirDog toys, these are a dual material toys that incorporate both a squeaker and tennis ball material.
  • Kong Antlers – An all natural chewing solution made from ultra-durable elk antler. Perfect for cleaning your dogs teeth and gums. Not only are they great tasting but they are long-lasting.
  • Kong Xpressions A very cheerful addition to your dogs ever expanding collection of toys, bright colours and patterns printed on the usual strong Kong toy material.
  • Kong Knots are cute cuddly characters with knotted rope bellies. They are designed for longer lasting fun created from cotton rope which cleans teeth and squeaks which will keep your dog occupied for hours.
  • Kong Plush Toys are adorable critters that have durable patches sewn in to ensure the protected squeakers are in for the long run! Protected under ballistic materials your dog will surley have a hard time trying to get that squeaker out!
  • Kong Classic Rubber toys has been the gold standard of dog toys for over thirty years. Their super-bouncy, red natural rubber compound is perfect for dogs that like to chew.
  • Kong Squeezz crackle ball – It’s a new twist on a favourite and fun item! the new squeezz crackle ball has a unique crackling sound which will entice your dog for a long time. Squeezz crackle balls are made from flexible material and have an eye catching colour to keep your dog entertained.
  • Kong Fuzzy wubba Friends are an fun and fuzzy addition to the kong wubba family. Cute critters made out of a variety of durable materials will ensure long lasting play.

Kong Wubba Toy - Kong toys at pug wear

Why Kong dogs toys are so great

Kong toys don’t just happen to be the industry leaders in durable dog toys for no reason, with over 30 years of tried and tested products. There’s no reason to not have Kong toys in your dogs toy box.

  • Kong toys satisfy a dog’s need, natural desire to “work” or hunt for food. Stuffing Kongs with treats can keep them busy and content for long periods of time by encouraging them to get the food reward inside.
  • For dogs with separation anxiety and other behavioural issues, Kong toys provide a form of therapy/behaviour modification. A Kong dog toy serves to distract your pet from whatever the “problem behaviour” might be.
  • A Kong is a unique dog toy that exercises a dog’s mind, at the same time that it gives a dog the satisfaction of a job well done.
  • For dogs who remain alone for long periods of time, Kong dog toys provide a form of entertainment and prevent boredom.
  • Regular use of Kong chew toys can improve your dog’s oral health. While playing with the Kong, the rubber toy naturally works its way into cracks and crevices between your dog’s teeth, effectively removing plaque and food particles.
  • Kongs are rather effective when used as a training aid, to break “bad behaviour” and teach “good behaviour”.
  • Since Kong toys can be filled with a wide variety of treats and other tasty dog treats, your dog will always look forward to the moment you get the Kong toy out. As a result, it’s a toy that your dog never gets bored with.
  • For dogs who are living a sedentary life, a Kong toy will entice your dog to play more and be more active. The Kong’s unpredictable bounce lures most dogs into a game of chase, catch and chew — especially when it’s filled with food treats!
  • For those who are crate training, or whose dogs remain in a crate long hours while you’re away, Kong toys can help a dog feel more comfortable while being crated. It’s as if the dog receives immediate gratification — a positive reward — while being crated.
  • Kongs grow with your pet. There are a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate even the young puppies to full-grown dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Kong Classic Toy - Kong toys at pug wear

Facts about Kong toys

  • Kong toys are produced by the kong company of Colorado.
  • The colours of the material determine what chewer the Kong is designed for. Red for average chewers, pink or blue for puppies, black for touch chewers and purple for senior dogs.
  • The Kong company was invented in the 1970s by Joe Markham.
  • The idea for Kong toys was thought up after the inventor noticed his German Shepherd damaging his teeth by chewing rocks.
  • Kong got their name because it was suggested they looked like ear plugs for King Kong.

Kong Monkey - Kong toys at pug wear

Kong Recipes

You can stuff your dogs Kong toys with various foods and treats, here are our most popular recipes for you to stuff Kong toys with.

  1. Apple Pie.
  2. Carrot, green beans and celery in low sodium Chicken broth.
  3. Banana, apple and treats mixed into a paste.
  4. Fruit Salad
  5. The Doggie Dinner! Ground meat and steamed vegetables!

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What others are saying about Kong toys

I have read a lot of great reviews about the Kong Toy and wow! They were not lying! My terrier has been chewing non-stop since he got it and there isn’t a mark on it – I can’t believe it. He absolutely loves it and it’s perfect for stuffing treats in to keep him occupied while I’m out. Cannot recommend enough!
Product arrived quickly and packaging was great.


excellent product for dogs with a strong bite had this for a while and keeps the dog happy for ages


a tough toy will defeat most dogs except for the most determined shredders. The cone shape is useful because it stops it rolling away (can only roll in a half circle).