Information and how to choose the right accessories for your Pug.


Traits and Characteristics of the Pug

Pugs like all breeds come with their own set of Traits and Characteristics, some good and some not so good. Here are some of the main characteristics of the Pug to help you decide if the Pug is the right dog for you.

Very funny to watch

  • Pugs can be hilarious to watch as they do things in ways other dogs wouldn’t, see what we mean here.

Very intelligent

  • They always know how to get your attention.

Great company

  • When not trying to get food Pugs love to be with you, they want to be involved in most day to day around the house activities.

Multum in parvo

  • Multum in parvo is latin for a great deal in a small space, that’s exactly what the pug is.

Understand a big vocabulary

  • They’ll soon figure out what your spelling out actually means and remember it. Along with many other phrases, commands and names of family members/pets.


  • Pugs are in the best case, mildly stubborn and can be very manipulative (Especially when there is food involved).
  • To begin to break this, you have to mean what you say. Every time. (Bed, means bed. That’s final).

House training

  • This isn’t a two week process, expect this to last at least 6 months of consistent training.

Pug noises

  • Because of the short face Pugs will snort, wheeze, grunt and will definitely snore loudly. Some find the noises endearing, others simply cannot tolerate them, personally I find it humorous.


  • When eating
  • When drinking
  • You will always have to wipe a Pugs face after a meal.


  • All short faced breeds gulp air when they drink and eat. Expect a lot of gassiness due to this.

Health Problems

  • Due to overbreeding, poor breeding practices and their short face, unfortunately Pugs suffer more than a fair share of health problems, mostly eyes, joints and skin conditions.