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Fireworks and Loud Noises

With bonfire night and New Years, it can be a difficult and nervous time for dogs and their owners especially with the Fireworks and Loud Noises.
Please see the following steps which help your pug and yourself through out this time:
  • Be sure that all pets are kept indoors during firework season. Keep the curtains closed, the lights on and music or television to help cover bangs and flashes. If you find that your pet is particularly nervous, plan ahead for next year.
  • If your pets become very nervous and want to hide under the bed, let them – if they come to you for reassurance, give it.
  • Ensure that you give them a secure comfort area such as a crate covered with a blanket (do not shut the door, but allow your dog to use it as he wishes) or den to enable them to hide if they want to during the worst of the noise.
  • Try to give dogs a long and vigorous walk during the day to enable them to sleep through the worst of the noise where possible. During this time do not take your dog for walks at night.
  • Give your dog as many distractions as possible during the peak of displays such as toys and chews.
  •  Do make sure that your dog cannot accidentally escape during this time and keep doors and cat flaps shut and locked.
  • Ensure sure that your pet is appropriately identifiable in case he/she does escape during the fireworks.  In addition to the identification tag required by law, also ensure they are micro-chipped.
  • If you have a particularly anxious pet, you should speak to your vet about treatments that can help. Both traditional and homeopathic remedies – such as Flower Essences and other natural products are available, and have been found to be very useful in many cases. It is important that you discuss any treatments with your vet before using them.
  • If you live in a particularly active fireworks area, you might consider taking your pet to a quieter location or to stay with a friend or relative, but always remember to update your pet’s identity tag with the temporary address.
  • Do try to avoid setting off fireworks in your own garden. If it is unavoidable, do so as far as possible from the house. Better still, ask someone you trust to look after your dog in their home for the time the display will be going on.
  • Please never take your dog to an organised firework display or have them outside during your own display.
  • All the above are for dogs – and other pets – who are already anxious. It is even better to work hard at habituating your puppy to noises and other situations before fear or phobias can set in. Talk to your vet about this.