The best harness for your dog

Picking the best harness for your dog is always a difficult task, you need to take into consideration lots of things such as yours dogs size, weight, temperament and even how hard they can pull you and much more!

Having full control of your dog whilst on walks is essential for both a happy owner and a happy dog, the right walking equipment can help.  Harnessses are great ebcuase they give the dog deserves and most dogs can easily adjust to them. There are hundres of harnesses available, many which vary in style and function.

Once you have taken all factors into consideration you then need to decide on what style is the best harness for your dog. From simple step in harnesses to full covering harnesses with more control, typically for the stronger dog who likes to take you for a walk.

We’ve compiled our list of favourite harnesses so you don’t have to.

Blueberry Pet HarnessBlueberry Pet Step-in Harnesses

The Blueberry Pet Step-in Harnesses are great, you're dog wont get too hot whislt wearing one of these, but comfort and control whilst out on a walk can suffer due to the style of harness.
Julius K9 PowerHarnessJulius K9 PowerHarness

Offering fantastic control of your dog whilst out on a walk the Julius K9 PowerHarness allows you to control your dog, not your dog control you. They come in all sizes from very small to very large. However, your pug can get a little warm whilst wearing this harness.
Bunty HarnessBunty Harness

The Bunty Harnesses are great, basic and cheap. Whilst not as durable as the Puppia or UrbanPup Harnesses they offer a great value for money.
Urban Pup HarnessUrban Pup

We love the UrbanPup Harnesses, they look very stylish, come in plenty of different sizes and are very durable.
Puppia Soft HarnessPuppia Harness

The Puppia Soft Harness
is our favourite harness for Pugs. It fits great, looks awesome and comes in a huge variety of colours and styling options.

So that’s it, our favourite harnesses (especially for pugs anyway) which are affordable, practicle and comfortable for your dog.

Do you think any of the above harnesses are the best harness for your dog? We’ve love to hear from you below.