How to stop your dog biting

dog biting

Dogs are man’s best friend except when they want to tear your face off with their extremely sharp teeth. This is when they go from being man’s best friend to being quite frightening and dangerous.

Dog’s learn best when they are young puppies. It’s best to make sure your dog learns how to control it’s instinct to bite in it’s first 4 months of life. Most puppies are taken away from their mothers too soon. In these cases you need to become the puppies new mother!

The biggest key to teaching a dog to not bite is socialization. By socialization I mean both with other dogs and with people.

During play puppies are naturally biting one quite frequently. During this play dogs can start to learn about the effect of a bite and how much they can hurt. This can teach dogs not to bite. It’s best to just let the puppies play and figure it out for themselves. A natural inhibition can come about best without the interaction of humans if puppies learn in these early stages.

dog biting

Dogs will become afraid of other dogs and people if they are not socialized properly. This fear can cause them to bite out of self protection. Lack of socialization is the biggest reason why dogs bite. Out of fear dogs bite people and other dogs. It’s especially important to socialize your dog around children. This is because children are the most vulnerable to a dog’s biting and because of the different way that a child behaves around a dog than adults. If dogs are not used to playing with human children then they may react harshly towards them. The most common dog bite victims are children.

Your dog must learn to trust and respect you and your household members. This why you should never kick, hit, or slap your dog. These are not good training techniques. They will only make your dog fear you. Kicking, hitting, and slapping your dog will erode your dogs’ trust in you as their master. This can make your dog “mean” and make him much more likely to react to people and dogs with a bite. If you are planning on training your dog please be sure to read a respected dog training guide so that you train your dog in the best way possible. Training your dog incorrectly can do more harm than good.

Security training your dog to bite an enemy can be done but you must take care when trying this sort of training. Be sure to consult experts before trying to train your dog in this way.