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Stolen pug recognises its owner as the pair are reunited by police

  • Little Lola the pug was taken when Ms Witham’s Harlow home was burgled
  • The police followed all leads and reunited the pooch with her owner
  • Video captures loving bond between pet and owner
  • Lola hears Ms Witham’s voice and runs at speed towards her

It’s a moment that owner Kate Witham feared might never happen. After her pug Lola was stolen during a house burglary, she worried she’d seen the last of her beloved pet.

However, when officers at Harlow Police Station rescued the tiny dog, owner and pet were reunited in a loving embrace…and the meeting was captured on video.

Ms Witham had been the victim of break-in at her home in Harlow and the burglars had seen the pedigree pooch as worthy of stealing.

After police arrested three people in connection with the robberies, Lola was left in their care.

The officers quickly contacted Ms Witham and told her the pet had been found, however, the police station weren’t quite prepared for just how happy Lola was to see a familiar face.

The video begins with Lola being held on a leash by a police officer. When the dog hears the voice of her owner a short distance away, she runs like a lightening bolt to reach her. The pair unite with Lola licking her owner’s face.

The elated owner said: ‘I had been so worried about Lola since she went missing so when I got the call from the police I was over the moon.

‘As soon as I saw her, her little tail went into overdrive and I instantly knew it was her.

‘I am just so happy to have her back.’

In the footage, Ms Witham can be heard repeating ‘hello puppy dog’ before she bestows kisses aplenty on her missing dog.

After Ms Witham reported Lola missing, the police had raided an address in Fern Hill Lane and found her under the care of a 23-year-old woman. She was subsequently arrested alongside two men, aged 34 and 22 on charges of conspiracy to burgle. The men were released on bail while the woman was released without charge.

Leading the arrests was Detective Inspector Alison Hooper who said: ‘We have been working hard to tackle a recent spike in burglaries and car crime in the Harlow area and these arrests are just part of our response.’