Information and how to choose the right accessories for your Pug.


Puppy training essentials

There are quite a few puppy training essentials you will need when you first bring your new Pug puppy into your home. Not only will you need to puppy proof your house, there’s a variety of equipment that is essential to training your puppy and cleaning up any accidents. We’ll give you a brief guide on the puppy training essentials that you will need to have in place before you bring your Pug puppy home. There is also equipment which you will need for at least the first 18 months of your Pug Puppy moving in.

Puppy Proofing your home.

Should you wish to puppy proof your home before you get your puppy, you will want to decide on what areas of the home you want your puppy to be able to access. You want to give your Puppy freedom, but not too much as I’m sure that you don’t want to be looking for accidents that may have happened.

When we got our first puppy, we made a pen in the living room. It was warm enough, a decent size and to top it off, it was easy to clean up after any accidents.

Pug puppy pen








As you can see, his cage is in there, along with a feeding area just outside. There was enough space for him to have some freedom too and for us to put a puppy pad down so we could begin to teach him to go to potty on the pad.

Pug puppy pen








He settled into his new little home pretty quickly, he had everything he could want right there. Here are the basic items we would recommend if you wish to set something similar up for your new Pug puppy.

Elsewhere around the home

As mentioned above, you will also want to let your puppy have freedom around the home, but not too much. Baby gates are the perfect response to stopping your puppy going up the stairs or into rooms you don’t want them going into.

When fitting the gate, you should ensure that it is as close as possible to the floor, we learned this the hard way and our little monster was able to squeeze himself straight underneath.

We would recommend an adjustable baby gate, so that it does fit in most door sizes.


Extendable baby gate

Along with preventing access to certain rooms, you may wish to give your pug puppy the opportunity to gain access to your back garden or yard whenever he wants. If you have a PVC Back door you can easily fit a dog flap to it, you can do this to other style doors, but a PVC door does make the task somewhat easier.


PetSafe Dog flap

Other essentials

There are many other essentials you will need in preparation to having your Pug Puppy.

Puppy pads


Non slip, spaniel bowls

This style bowl is great, they don’t slip. The rounded edges make it very easy for a Pug to eat from them.