Puppia Jacket Harness

Puppia Jacket Harness

Winter is coming and the Puppia Jacket Harness is what you need to keep your Pug warm whilst out for walks. The Harness is great for Pugs who do not enjoy having harnesses passed over their heads.

This Puppia Jacket Harness is made of Soft wool material with a plus faux fur lining so you can be sure that your Pug will be warm enough.

Since this is harness will cover more of your Pug than a conventional Puppia harness and the material isn’t as breathable as the regular mesh style harnesses, you must ensure that this harness is only used during the winter months or at times when it’s colder outside.

Depending on the outside temperature an additional coat may not be required for use along side this Puppia jacket Harness due to the warmer materials being used

The Puppia Jacket Harness is available in multiple colours and materials, even breathable materials for use in summer months.