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Pug Vs Broccoli

Check out this little Pug loving his broccoli!

v4QEhyL - Imgur

Toby, the pug, gets really excited whenever his human gives him broccoli, his favorite veggie.

It is not one of those food items that you can feed infinitely to your dogs. Just like every other kind of human food, broccoli should be fed to your dog in moderation but if that is done, then sure dogs can eat an occasional broccoli or two.

Even though it’s packed with nutrients and vitamins, a dog’s digestive system is different than ours, so simple vegetables like broccoli will not be broken down the same way. In this case, it’s not whether it’s dangerous to give your dog broccoli, but whether they need to eat it at all.

As much as we depend on them for their company, dogs equally rely on us to take good care of them as if we would a clingy child. Dogs have specific needs that they cannot provide themselves or to each other and this is where we come in. One of the most important fundamentals of keeping your dog healthy is providing them with a well-balanced diet. Although dogs can often be seen rummaging through garbage bins for food if they get the chance, believe it or not, dogs can’t eat everything.