Novelty Cube Pug Mug

Check out this hilarious Novelty Cube Pug Mug. Whilst drinking from it may be tricky, it sure as hell will get people talking.

Cube Pug Mug

This square companion with its cute wrinkly characteristics will bring a smile to every owner’s face without the need for walks and feeding. Strong willed and rarely aggressive, quiet and docile but also vivacious and teasing- this little chap will suit all moods and beverages. Complete the set and check out our breed of Boxer Mug too! Get your paws on this one very soon!

Cube Pug Mug

What others say about the Cube Pug Mug

Well, again, another little pressie for the partner. She loves pugs and I thought this would cheer her up every time she had a well deserved cuppa.

It is a nice mug but there are a few problems. It’s very loud when you stir whatever beverage you decide to put in there. The spoon hits the side and it sends shivers down my spine. Another problem is staining. I don’t know whether it’s just this one but it seems to stain rather easily, especially in the corners where it’s difficult to get the sponge in there properly, when giving it a wash. I probably should have thought of these things before buying it, but oh well. The Mrs. loves it so I’m happy!

– James

This is the 2nd pug mug we have bought, as my pug-loving daughter moved to university, so she has one at each of her homes. She loves it. And happily fills it with all sorts of drinks, both hot and cold. I personally think it’s a rather odd shape, that the inside corners are hard to clean, but as the daughter doesn’t know much about doing the dishes, she’s never found a problem with the mug.

– Marcus