Information and how to choose the right accessories for your Pug.


Picking the correct type of leads

Picking the right lead for your dog is not only important to your dog, but also important to you.

When it comes to choosing a lead for you and your Pug, you should take the following into consideration.

  • Material of lead (Metal chain, rope, fabric, Para cord)
  • Length of lead (fixed length or extendable)
  • Solid handle or flexible material handle.

The reasons I have said to take those points into consideration is that the lead has to be comfortable for you to use as well as your dog. Having a lead that is not suitable doesn’t make a pleasant walking experience for you or your dog.

With extendable leads, you must be able to holt a tight grip as if your Pug gets excited and starts to run, he can easily ‘snatch’ the lead out of your hand when the lead has extended to it’s maximum length. This is something you want to avoid as your dog could be running toward danger. (Not to mention you will look like a fool chasing after him!)