Information and how to choose the right accessories for your Pug.



Grooming is incredibly important for your Pug, you should take notice of the below. This is important for your Pugs health and wellbeing.


Your Pug will require a nice soapy bath roughly every three weeks. It is very important not to use products designed for use on humans. All Dogs can get very irritated from the products and rashes on their skin can break out.

You will only need a few inches of water in the bath before putting your dog in the bath. This is because you won’t be able to scrub your Pug properly if he is submerged, also to ensure that your Pug doesn’t overheat during bath time.

You should have your bath prepared beforehand as the sound of the running water can make your Pug very nervous.

Ensure that you wish your Pugs head and face thoroughly and carefully, making sure you clean deep inside all folds in the skin with a soft damp cloth.

Pugs are prone to skin problems, the number one mistake is not thoroughly rinsing. Shampoo and conditioner quickly works it way through the coat then stays close to the skin.

Use a shower head to rinse your pug, once you think you are done, rinse again.

Drying is an equally important part of the bathing process, use a good sized absorbent towel to dry the whole body, you will be very surprised how much water the Pugs coat can retain. Patting can work better as rubbing may irritate the skin.


Whilst Pugs have short hair, they do malt heavily. Frequent brushing can reduce the amount that they will malt, you should use a bristle brush which will capture loose hairs.

It’s a good idea to Brush your Pug right before bath time using a rubber brush, many owners also use this time to go their dog with a flea comb.


Should you need to clean your Pugs eyes due to any irritation or ‘Gooey-ness’ you should gently cleanse the eye with sterilized water. There are also special dog eye wipes available which are gentle on the area.


Pugs will need to have their ears cleaned on a regular basis (Every 1-2 weeks), you should use a moistened cotton ball.

The goal is to remove any dirt, debris and extra wax. During this period it is advised that you should check for any irritation or puss, if you find any of these symptoms you should visit a qualified veterinarian as soon as possible.


Pugs will require their nails to be trimmed every three to six months.

Walking on hard outdoor surfaces can help keep nailed somewhat filed down for longer periods of time, but this should never be used as a replacement for nail trimming as if left too long, your Pug will walk with an irregular gait that can lead to skeletal damage.

If you are not comfortable trimming your own dogs nails, there are many dog groomers available across the country. But if you do decide to trim them yourself, you should ensure that you do not cut the nails too short as you can cause pain and injury by trimming too short and hitting the quick.

The nails should be trimmed at the point where they begin to hook over, any lower and this will result in clipping the vein which will cause bleeding and paint which may lead to infection.