Helmut the Pug Dancing To Hotline Bling

If you thought you’d seen all the Hotline Bling videos, Think again.

Credit to Helmut the Pug for this incredible video of him dancing along to Hotline Bling, enough of Drake, More of Helmut the PugThere have been lots of parodies already of the Drake song Hotline Bling, but this is undoubtedly the very best one out there.Helmut the pug dancing to hotline blingThe short video shows Helmut dancing away to the newest track by Canadian rapper Drake.Where he managed to get his little pug paws on the famous Drake grey turtleneck we’ll never know, but we do want to!The Toronto-based pug was born on May 11th, 2015 and has his occupation down on Facebook as living the ‘pug life in Toronto’.Oh, and his hobbies include ‘grumblin’ through the 6ix with my woes’.If you loved watching Helmut the pug dancing to hotline bling. Let us know how much you enjoyed it below.