Information and how to choose the right accessories for your Pug.


Harnesses for pugs

Picking the right harness for your dog can be hard as they come in a vast array of sizes and fitments and styles.

A harness is one of the first and most important purchases you will make for your dog. It is essential for walking and exercise and keeps your dog safe when he explores the outside world. Whether your a picking a harness for your puppy to grow along with him or a simply looking for a replacement the harness you choose can determine your dogs safety and comfort.

There are many harnesses for Pugs available so there is actually a large selection on offer. When sizing your Pug for harness fitment you must ensure that you have measured your Pug correctly, for more information on how to do this, click here.

Harnesses mainly come in two types, a comfort wrap harness or an adjustable training harness. We would always recommend the comfort wrap style harnesses for pugs.