Ear cropping has been banned in British Columbia

As this is a popular thing to do to Pugs in preparation for shows, I felt that this article is worth posting here. It does highlight some important issues which are worth noting.

pug ear taping

Cosmetic ear cropping has officially been banned by the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia and any veterinarian caught performing the procedure on dogs could face fines.

B.C. joins other provinces such as Newfoundland and Manitoba in banning the procedure and falls in line with the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s position on the archaic practice.

“Ear cropping is an unnecessary procedure unless carried out in cases of injury or for reasons of health concerns,” said CVBC CEO Larry Odegard in a statement.

“Veterinarians have an ethical responsibility to the animals they treat. Ear cropping goes against that responsibility.”

B.C.’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act gives the BC SPCA full power to investigate and recommend charges against people carrying out the procedure, including veterinarians.

“For nearly two decades we have been on record opposing procedures such as tail docking, ear cropping, devocalization and declawing that impact an animal’s ability to experience good welfare and to express natural behaviours,” said Craig Daniell, CEO of the BC SPCA.

CVBC says ear cropping has a “detrimental” effect on the behaviour of dogs and their ability to communicate. There is no scientific evidence to support the cosmetic altering of a dog’s ears, and can often lead to acute and chronic pain.

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association also consider the following cosmetic alterations inhumane to dogs:

  • tail docking
  • cosmetic dentistry to meet show or breed standards
  • tattooing other than for registration and identification
  • body piercing