Cute pug rides kid’s bike while jealous pup struggles to catch up

The desperate pooch refused to let his puppy pal have all the fun after he accidentally fell off the back of the trailer
A jealous pug has gone viral after his hilarious attempt to hitch a lift on a kid’s electric trike was caught on camera.

And one thing’s for sure, this little pooch wasn’t about to give up a free ride without a fight.
The commotion starts as both the pug and his (slightly more overweight) pal are sat on the trailer of the little boy’s three-wheeled motorbike.
Jumpy: The little pug isn’t happy about being left on the sidelines
Let me have a go: He attempts to get back on the makeshift trailer
Oblivious: The little boy has no idea about all the commotion
But as the boy sets off, the tiny pug falls off the back.
Cue frantic jumping, running and leaping as he attempts to get himself back on the toy – obviously green with envy that the other pug managed to remain seated.