Information and how to choose the right accessories for your Pug.



In the winter it’s important to keep your dog warm, but also in the summer it’s very important to keep them cool. Finding the right fitting coat will help you overcome any heat related problems.

Dog coats come in many shapes and sizes, most of which are quite difficult to actually pick out the right coat for a pug, usually the girth (Biggest part around your dogs ribcage), waist and belly girth are indifferent to most dogs due to their build. For more information on how to measure your Pug Click here.

Many coats have different applications, coats to keep your dog warm, coats to keep your dog dry and coats to even keep your dog cool.

Needless to say, here at Pug Wear, we’ve tried out quite a few and we’ve come up with the best fitting coats for your Pug.