Black Pug History

For such a dog so small in size, there is a very long history that dates back to 400 BC. This breed has gone through vast changes over centuries but one thing that have not changed yet is their need to be loved by people and being around them. Throughout history, a huge number of famous people have been known to be the owners of black pug dogs in the form of male, female or puppies, and that is why, their popularity has grown so much in the entire world. When we look into the history of these pugs, we will come know how it can be to live with these dogs.

Black Pug puppy

The origin of a black pug dog is shrouded in controversy and mystery. According to some, there are written proofs of these dogs being in existence in 400 BC but others insist that they also existed in as far as 700 BC also. It has been generally believed that black pug dogs are originally from Asia, particularly China. This can be a logical statement because most of the dogs with snubbed faces have also originated in this country, particularly the Pekingese. It has been researched that the snubbed nosed dogs that are mentioned in 700 BC Chinese writings are Pekingese, not pugs.

The black pugs that are seen today were not present until 1800’s. This is because the pugs went through a series of changes in their body size, shape and color. Out of these, some were encouraged while some were not. Some of the writings from the Dutch traders of China indicate that both longhaired and short haired pugs were present at that time and that most of those pugs were golden color all over.


According to representations of a pug by Hogarth in 1697-1764, the pugs had slimmer body, longer legs and a longer nose, as compared to today’s pugs. These dogs were bred in several other colors such as fawn, silver and black. Quite a small number of pugs were brought to Holland from where; they were distributed amongst other countries. It has been commonly believed that because there was not enough gene pool in Europe at that time, the pugs were usually bred to the small bulldogs or small Mastiff so that their breed could be continued.

Other famous people in history who are known to have pugs as their pets are Josephine and William Hogarth. Josephine was Napoleon’s notorious wife and William Hogarth was a popular English painter who included ‘Trump’, his pet pug, in many of his paintings. If Hogarth was right in his description of his dog, then pugs of the 16th century were quite different from those of today’s age.

The pug dogs that we see today came into existence in about 1800, when the first dog show started in Europe. The dog shows began crossing the Atlantic and the breed was officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year 1885. For decades, pug dogs have been one of the top 10 most registered dogs for sale in America and they are available in almost every part of the world. Training and care of today’s pugs is a lot easier than those of earlier ones.