Best Pug Harness?

We get asked quite often what we think is the best pug harness. There’s a lot of things you need to factor in when choosing the best harness for your Pug. The type of exercise, how long your pug will be wearing the harness, if your Pug pulls or not. The list does go on..

We’ve tried quite a few with our little monster, he can pull quite hard and constantly throughout walking, we’ve actually found that the best harness for our Pug is without a doubt the Puppia Harness along with a strong retractable lead.

The Puppia Harness allows for our little guy to be comfortable when he’s trying to pull us along on walks without him choking or getting too hot as the material does breathe. These are important when you need to choose the best pug harness.

Head on over to our page comparing the best harnesses for Pugs that we have found available.