Aodoor Soft Dog Harness

The Aodoor Soft Dog Harness is an excellent harness. However it is best suited for Medium to large dogs, which would mean this is not suitable for young Pugs, Fully grown Pugs would benefit from the smaller variant of the Aodoor Harness.

Aodoor Harness

The Aodoor Harness is extremely comfortable for dogs as it has extra padding on the inside to make it comfortable. The harness doesn’t pinch on your dogs legs due to the design fully surrounding the underside of your dog.

The Aodoor Harness includes reflective material for walks in low light conditions.


Aodoor HarnessFeatures of the Aodoor Harness

  • The fabric is thick and of good quality
  • It has a breathable fabric layer on the inside.
  • The straps are thick and secure with the option to adjust by tightening or loosening the amount of strap through the buckle.
  • The fixing buckles are easy to use and clip into place securely.
  • There is a good quality thick hoop on the centre of the harness to clip the lead onto along with a half loop at the top of the harness.
  • Grab handle for your to pick up your dog.
  • Reflective material for walks in low light conditions.

Aodoor Harness


The Harness does simply scream quality at you from the moment you open it to the time you take your dog for a walk. As both top and bottom sections of the harness are padded with breathable material it provides excellent comfort for your dog. The ability to adjust this harness helps you fit the harness to your dogs size and shape with ease. There is a grab handle on the top of the harness which can help you train your dog, lift your dog over obstacles or should you need it, pull your dog out of a stream they’ve jumped in (Inevitable with lots of breeds of dog).