5 things Pug owners NEED!

There are many things Pug owners need. Lucky for you, PugWear has got you covered, these are the 5 things that Pug owners need! Carefully selected by us!


Whether it’s chewy or tuggy, Pugs love to rip and tear. Good quality toys are a must to ensure your wallet is safe, and your Pug is happy. – 5 things Pug owners need

5 Things Pug Owners Need - 5 things Pug owners need

Strong Harness

Pugs are deceptively strong, despite their size, their raw tenacity can put a Pitbull to shame. A strong harness ensures that your fluffy friend doesn’t run off into the road, or escapes from you.

Puppia are a harness brand that has good value for money. The Puppia Soft Harness is a great all-around harness which is more than comfortable enough for your Pug.

The Julius K-9 is a more expensive product, but the level of control is astonishing. No longer will your pug be taking you out for a walk. – 5 things Pug owners need

Puppia Soft Harness - 5 things Pug owners need

Air Freshener

Love them or not, Pugs have a distinct odor. Whilst there are measures to deal with this, none are concrete, so measures must be taken. Due to their flat faces, they tend to swallow a lot of air, which makes them the gassiest breed of dog. – 5 things Pug owners need

smelly pug - 5 things Pug owners need

A Comfy Bed

A comfy bed is essential if you want to keep your pet sleeping in the same place. Remember, Pugs sleep for roughly 14-17 hours a day. Ensuring your little monster is comfortable while he’s snoozing will have him sailing through dreamland. – 5 things Pug owners need

Comfy Pug Bed - 5 things Pug owners need

ID Tags

Pugs are small, full of energy and very mischievous. If your house is not on complete lock down, Fido might go missing! ID tags are a must have to ensure that your pet will find his way home. Thanks to Microchips and personal information on the tag itself, it makes any aspiring pet rescuer able to successfully recover your four legged friend. – 5 things Pug owners need

ID Tags


That concludes our list of 5 things Pug owners need. Don’t agree? Leave a suggestion in the comments below and you never know, we might just add another article with your suggestion!