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16 fun facts about Pugs

A pug’s adorable wrinkles and big bug eyes don’t just make it look cute.

It’s easy to see why people love pugs. They’re social, quirky and intensely loyal — making these squish-faces a popular dog breed. But pugs have more going for them than comical cuteness.

Cram your brain with 16 facts that prove pugs deserve the designation of the best dogs on the planet, paws down.

  1. Pugs are brachycephalic – Which means that the head is broad but short which results in the smushed face appearance that pugs are well known for.
  2. In the 16th Century Prince William of Orange was saved by his Pug, Pompey. When Spanish troops came to ambush his camp, his Pug’s barks alerted him to the attack.
  3. It is widely belived that the pugs signature wrinkles were values because of the extra flaps of skin formed the shapes of Chinese Characters.
  4. Pugs are prone to catching colds because of their short noses.
  5. Due to their short legs and trouble with breathing, Pugs are not usually good swimmers.
  6. Pugs are widely known as the oldest breed of dog. Pugs may have been around since 400BC.
  7. The Latin Phrase “Multum in parvo” is often used to describe Pugs, it means “A lot of dog in a small place”
  8. Unlike the more energetic members of their species, pugs sleep an average of 14 hours per day.
  9. Pugs were originally bred to sit on the laps of Chinese emperors.
  10. There is a freemasonry lodge called “The Order of the Pug” which formed after the Catholic Church banned freemasonry.
  11. In Germany, Pugs are called Mops.
  12. A Pug can have a runnign speed of around 3-5 Mph.
  13. Queen Victoria and Empress Josephine Bonaparte are famous Pug Owners.
  14. While they’re not big barkers, Pugs have showing a propensity for singing and vocal tricks.
  15. The perfect Pug tail is said to have 2-4 curls.
  16. A group of pugs is called a grumble.

There you go! 16 fun facts about Pugs!