Information and how to choose the right accessories for your Pug.


Welcome to Pug Wear

We offer Pug owners an unparalleled source of information and advice all about Pugs. Not only do we offer you a vast knowledgebase of information about iq option demo your dog but we also provide reviews of products which we used and found to be extremely useful and stylish for your Pug, you can find more information about which products we recommend and why we reccomend  in the above navigation menu.

Not yet a Pug owner? We got that covered too, head over to the Understanding Pugs section now and decide if the Pug the right pet for you.

Please note, all information on this site is not strictly just for pugs but can also be applicable to many other small breeds of dog which have a ‘Chunkier than usual’ build. e.g. French Bulldogs and Terriers.Pug Wear

What will you get out of Pug Wear?

  • Our Mission is to keep all Pug owners and potential owners well informed about the Breed. Understanding all areas from basic Grooming to training your Pet. We will provide extensive guides and information.
  • Product reviews and reccomendations for all things you will need when you bring a Pug into the world!
  • Advice on medical issues and where to save money with vet bills.
  • Unparalleled source of information and advice.